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Artinmotion Wrap Detailer

Artinmotion Wrap Detailer

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Artinmotion WRAP Detailer 500ml

The perfect detailer to enhance gloss and protect.

For all your:

Gloss wraps 

Digital printed wraps

Vinyl graphics 

Paint protection films.

And of course, can be used on paint to. 

Perfect for: 3m - Avery - Oracal - Hexis - KPMF - PWF and all other brands

The Only Detailer you will ever need, helping you protect your investment.


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Artinmotion Wrap Detailer


This product combines silanes, polymers and silicones to provide excellent results. It is very easy to use and gives excellent gloss, shine and colour depth. The finish is very durable, often lasting for several months until the water repellency diminishes significantly. The product can be layered for additional protection and durability.


Super Shine